My job opportunities have taught me a great deal about my personal qualities that I can best exploit to be an effective leader and team member. Many people I have worked with have said that I am a "natural-born" leader, but I hold the opinion that great leaders are made, not born. I have merely learned to think on my feet, be confident in my decisions, admit and learn from my mistakes, and enlist the help of others when I need it. These situations have also helped me to identify my weaknesses and make them into strengths. I have learned how to thrive under pressure and how to enjoy the challenges. One of the most important lessons I learned was how to work with my peers in an effective way, without coming off as superior or inferior to others. These experiences have made me very excited for what is ahead. I have the ideal personality for someone interested in health sciences and I have gained so much knowledge about the world of medicine and exercise that I cannot help but feel my future is bright.The links on the left offer more insight into the skills I have learned from specific instances as a substitute teacher, a resident assistant, an assistant swim coach, and an assistant pool manager.